Who I am

I am a PhD student at the University of Angers.

Research topic : The sexual liberation experience of Women’s liberation movement activists in Brittany and Pays de la Loire (1970-1980).

Supervisor : Christine Bard

Contact : marine.gilis@univ-angers.fr

Faculty : Faculty of History

Specialism : History of feminism, History of sexuality and History of Women and Gender

Teaching : Documentary Information in first-year undergraduate history module and Digital and History in second-year undergraduate history module

Commitments : Board of directors member of EFiGiES : young researchers in feminist and gender studies organisation; Board of directors member of the Archives of Feminism


About this research notebook

This research notebook starts with a question: what meaning should I give to my thesis work? What impact does it have on my environment? Is the thesis necessarily this austere and trying exercise that I have been described so much?

The ambition of this research notebook is to show that it’s possible to try creativity and unusual experience through the PhD work. This creativity is not expressed to the detriment of more formal university exchange times and, on the contrary, it improves the analysis and understanding of one’s materials and sources.

My goal is to share positive experiences from the PhD daily life and to question the human and ecological impact of my work.

Why a special section in English?

Because I dream of coming to an English-speaking country, visiting universities, speaking on my research topic and having a dialogue with researchers from other countries. With this section, I make myself more accessible.


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